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8 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 55
CIA Shakeup is Grounds for Worry -- Porter Goss quit as CIA Director on Friday, and President Bush this morning announced that Air Force General Michael Hayden was his pick as Mr. Goss’ replacement. Since there was speculation all week-end about the general, many Democrats and Republicans on the Hill were complaining even before the announcement was official. The CIA looks like its still in trouble.

Blair Reshuffles Cabinet after Local Election Disasters -- The New Labour Party got thrashed at the local elections last week, losing a couple hundred councilors and control of some councils. While the party hacks tried to convince the world ahead of the vote that the election would turn on local issues, no one believed them. By-elections and local council races are occasions on which the people get to tell the PM to get stuffed. Mr. Blair reacted by changing most of his government’s personnel. He’s now out of pre-resignation cards to play.

Apple Computer Beats Beatles’ Apple Corps -- After the Beatles made buckets of money singing, they started up their own record label, Apple Corps, and proved that they were musicians and not businessmen. A bit later, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer. They had more success with their venture. Since then, the two sides have argued over who really is Apple. The latest round went to the computer geeks.

Most Britons to be Middle Class in 2020 -- The Future Foundation has put out a report on British society in the year 2020, and it makes for troubling reading. Most Britons will be “middle class” by then. How awful.

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