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10 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 56
Hilary Clinton Faces John Tasini in NY Senate Primary -- Among certain segments of the Democratic Party, the junior senator from the State of New York has a divine right to the party’s nomination. Hillary Clinton is as beloved by them as she is loathed by the pain-pill popping Rush Limbaugh and his ditto-heads. However, among other Democrats, she is a collaborator and deserves rejection at the polls. Their man is Jonathan Tasini, and he could be the next Eugene McCarthy.

Iran’s President Sends Mr. Bush a Letter -- Iranian President Mahmoud “Front Man” Ahmadinejad sent a letter to President George “LBJ” Bush earlier this week that had the chatterati agog. After a quarter of a century of not speaking, the letter represented hope for some, a great step forward in US-Iranian relations. However, content matters, and it looks like it wasn’t even a baby-step sideways.

Wal-Mart Wants Smiley Logo for Itself -- That insipid yellow face with the simplistic smile, as if drawn by a half-witted child in first-grade art class, was everywhere in the 1970s. Often, it had “Have a Nice Day” written under it. Perhaps only the swastika and the dollar sign are more recognizable. Wal-Mart wants it as its own logo, and a Frenchman says it’s his. The nine-year battle may soon get resolved without asking why anyone would want such a plain dumb logo.

Theo Walcott to Play for England -- Theo Walcott has never played in the English Premiership. Theo Walcott is almost entirely unknown among England’s soccer fans. Theo Walcott, though, was named to England’s World Cup team at the age of 17. What does Sven-Goran Eriksson, England’s coach, know that the rest don’t?

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