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12 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 57
GOP Tax Bill: Send It to the Grandkids -- Back in the old days, the Republican Party worshiped at the altar of fiscal responsibility. Since 1981, though, there has been a reformation of sorts, and now, the “tax-and-spend” Democrats have been joined by the “borrow-and-spend” Republicans. The difference is a moral one. The Democrats demand higher taxes so the adults of today pay. The GOP’s approach runs up the national debt so the adults of 2076 will get the bills. The GOP is raising taxes on the grandkids.

Parliament’s 7/7 Bombing Report is Inadequate -- The British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee issued a report yesterday on the July 7, 2005 bombings in London. The report concludes that no one was asleep at the wheel, suggests that MI5 and MI6 are in over their heads nonetheless, and that a few million pounds would help. The report merely proves that a fully public inquiry is necessary.

US Banks Offer 50-Year Mortgages -- US banking is a competitive business. The country is over-banked and has been for years thanks to barriers to interstate banking. As a result, banks have to compete as the seemingly eternal march of consolidation goes on. The latest “innovation” is the 50-year mortgage.

New York DJ Battle Verges on Criminal Use of Airwaves -- One of the uglier aspects of hip-hop is the rivalry that crops up between the participants in the genre. “Dissin’” one another seems to be standard, violence between the entourages is Roman at its heart, and the odd murder keeps everyone on his toes. A new low was reached in New York last week when a Radio DJ threatened the children of another. As usual, there’s never a cop around when one is needed.

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