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15 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 58
NSA Phone Records Kerfuffle Shows Flawed Intelligence Culture -- Rarely would one expect a reporter at USA Today to break a major story, but last week, one did. It seems that the National Security Agency has secured the phone records of millions of Americans and is using its computing power to determine possible terrorist links by analyzing the traffic patterns. The debate rages as to whether this is wise or legal, but it illustrates the main failing of American intelligence, an excessive reliance on machines.

Brazil Prison Riots Challenge the Stateís Legitimacy -- Prison riots are rare and often are the result of poor administration of the institution more than anything else; they challenge only the warden. In Brazil right now, though, there are riots in so many prisons in the state of S„o Paulo that the very legitimacy of the state is at stake. So far, the federal government hasnít acted, since the state governor says he can handle it. Maybe.

Market Forces Kill the H1 Hummer -- The Hummer is one of the most controversial vehicles ever made. Its fans love its size, its power, and its macho image. Its detractors hate its size, its power and its macho image. General Motors, which produces the behemoth, has announced that the H1 model is going the way of Fordís Model T and the AMC Pacer. The market has done what the ranting greens couldnít Ė it has killed the original Hummer.

FA Cup Goes to Liverpool after Penalty Kicks -- This journal has always said that the penalty shoot-out was the very worst way to decide the outcome of a soccer match, and it remains true. After 2 hours of some of the most exciting play the Football Association Cup tournament has ever seen, Liverpool and West Ham were still locked at 3-3. The Cup goes to Liverpool, but the match will go down in West Ham legend as the Cup that got away on penalties.

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