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19 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 59
Voters Turn on Incumbents on Primary Day -- Foreigners are always amazed at how frequently Americans hold elections, even if most can’t be bothered to turn up and vote. Tuesday was primary day in Pennsylvania and Oregon. The results suggest that incumbents of either party are in for a rough ride between now and the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Turks Rally against Alleged Judge-Killing Fascislamist -- Thousands of Muslims marching in the streets demanding justice is no longer news. However in Turkey yesterday, there were thousands, mostly Muslims, marching in defense of secularism after a self-described “soldier of Allah” allegedly shot a judge to death in a courtroom. They view the attack as an assault on the foundations of modern Turkey, and they are not wrong.

Microsoft-MTV Project Takes on Apple iTunes -- Microsoft and MTV have teamed up to create Urge, a music subscription and download service, designed to knock the iTunes service from Apple off the digital music throne. Early indications are that there is nothing revolutionary about Urge, although Viacom’s MTV is quite an advertising platform. The effort has two obstacles to overcome: the subscription model, and hardware.

US Aircraft Carrier Sunk, Deliberately -- The US aircraft carrier Oriskany sunk on Wednesday off the coast of Florida. It was not the result of a particularly clever attack by Al Qaeda, Iran or the North Koreans. Instead, the decommissioned ship was deliberately scuttled to create an artificial reef for wildlife and divers.

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