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22 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 60
Pointless English Only Amendments Pass Senate -- As part of the immigration debate, the US Senate has passed not one but two amendments regarding the status of the English language in the United States. The first, offered by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) declares English to be the “national language.” The other, from Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO), says English is America's “common unifying language.” Fair enough, but neither amendment actually means anything.

Iraq Finally Forms a Government -- More than five months after the December elections, the elected officials in Iraq have finally formed a government, sort of. It's missing a permanent Defense Minister and a permanent Interior Minister, and there isn't any elected opposition. Still, there is finally an elected, constitutional authority in Iraq. Now, the question is whether Iraqis think it is worth fighting, killing and dying to protect.

NYSE Bids $21 Billion for Euronext Exchange -- The consolidation of the world’s stock exchanges is rapidly turning into a game of musical chairs. On Friday, NASDAQ announced that its holdings in the London Stock Exchange had topped 25%. Over the week-end, media reports said that the New York Stock Exchange had bid $21 billion for Euronext. Germany’s Deutsche Borse looks like it’s the odd exchange out – for now.

Bonds Ties the Babe at 714 -- The home run Barry Bonds hit off the Oakland A's Brad Halsey was a pretty good shot. Although it was struck by a designated hitter rather than a real baseball player, it still counts as number 714 in his career. That's the same number as Babe Ruth hit. However, the steroid controversy has turned this milestone into a point of self-righteous nonsense. Mercifully, Henry Aaron's 755 is far enough off that the world may be spared any more such posturing until next season.

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