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29 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 63
Vermont Moves toward Universal Health Insurance -- Vermont, the only state in the Union to elect an avowed socialist to Congress, has passed a universal health insurance bill. The state’s Republican governor had been threatening to veto it, but the Democratic legislature yielded to his demand that the private sector run the program. The full plan goes into effect October 1, 2007, and some benefits get phased in before that.

Tony and George Play Finale in DC -- George W. Bush and Tony Blair make an odder couple that Oscar Madison and Felix Unger ever did. Yet, when they held a joint press conference last week during the Prime Minister’s visit to Washington, their partnership seemed stronger than ever. The special relationship hasn’t been this personal since Ron and Nancy double dated with Maggie and Denis. And that’s a problem.

US GDP Rises 5.3% in First Quarter -- The US Commerce Department has revised the latest quarterly GDP figure for the economy. The annual rate for the first quarter of 2006 was moved up to 5.3%, a half a percent higher than the initial estimate of 4.8%. This is the strongest result since the third quarter of 2003, but it isn’t going to last. Oil prices and other worries aren’t behind the coming “slow down” either. Instead, the high rate of growth is making up for a lousy fourth quarter 2005, nothing more.

Newark Bears Baseball Holds Bird Flu Awareness Promotion -- Newark, New Jersey, like a great many settlements in the area, suffers from being too close to Manhattan for its own good. Manhattan glitters diamond-like (at least at night when one can’t see the dirt and graffiti) while Newark, Jersey City and Yonkers are the black velvet background. However, Newark has a baseball team called the Bears, minor league to be sure, but a fine team. Management, though, may need to revisit its marketing plans. Last Friday, the team hosted “Bird Flu Awareness Night.”

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