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14 June 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 70
No Indictment for Karl Rove -- The GOP is on a roll for good news of late. Iraq finally has a government that includes little things like a defense and interior minister; Abu Musab al-Zarqawi got hit with a couple 500 pound bombs and died; and now Karl Rove gets word that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald won’t indict him for anything regarding the CIA-Plame leak that has Scooter Libby in trouble. Of the three, the last is the most important for the Busheviks.

Bush’s Surprise Visit to Baghdad Undermines Prime Minister Maliki -- The world thought President Bush was spending two days up at Camp David with his closest advisors to review the situation in Iraq, as mature and responsible a policy move as he could make. Instead, he took off for Baghdad halfway through to visit Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, who had five minutes’ warning that his boss was coming. In a single day, Mr. Bush destroyed the credibility of the new Iraqi government by making it look like an American tool.

Goldman Sachs’ Earnings Double -- Times are great in some spots of the US economy. Inflation may be a worry, and oil prices may be crushing the exurban commuter, but for guys on Wall Street, happy days are here again. Goldman Sachs, the investment bank, just announced that it had doubled its earnings to $2.4 billion, or $4.97 a diluted share, for the second quarter of 2006. It’s not as much as Exxon Mobil’s results, but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Teens Use “Mosquito” Ring Tone in School -- Back in December, this journal reported on a rather clever device invented in Wales to drive teenagers away. Because teens can hear high frequency sounds few over 30 can, a pulsing tone at those frequencies will drive them nuts while leaving adults blissfully unaware (as so often) that anything is amiss. The tables have turned, though, and teens are now using the “Mosquito” sound as a ringtone, which adults don’t notice.

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