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26 June 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 75
Seven Busted in Sears Tower Bomb Plot -- Friday, seven men were arrested in Miami for plotting to blow up many government buildings in that city as well as planning an attack on the Sears Tower in Chicago. They had no weapons nor explosives when arrested. They did not come from Afghanistan, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. They call themselves the “Seas of David,” and the Council on American-Islamic Relations denies they are Muslims. In short, they aren’t the kind of guys about whom Uncle Sam has the nation worried.

Prime Minister Maliki’s Announced Plan is Just a Starting Point -- Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki went before the Iraqi parliament earlier today and outlined a 24-point proposal to end the Iraqi Civil War. The talking heads in the US got wind of it on Saturday, and by Sunday morning, the consensus was that the plan was dead-on-arrival. In fact, it is merely the opening bargaining position of a government that must negotiate to secure by talking what it cannot by fighting.

Buffet to Give Fortune to Gates Foundation and Four Charities -- Philanthropy can be a powerful adjunct to government action. When Bill Gates announced that he was quitting his day job at Microsoft to devote his time to giving away his money, he did a lot to make up for the bug-infested software he’s sold. Now, Warren Buffet has announced that most of his $44 billion fortune is going into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and four other foundations. Apparently, the estate tax does serve a purpose.

Massachusetts Persists in Fluffernutter Heresy -- When George Washington Carver gave mankind peanut butter, he unlocked the recipe for ambrosia, on which Zeus himself dined. It was called “mana” by the ancient Hebrews. Leave it to Massachusetts, home of New England winters and the Boston Celtics to ruin perfection. There, people add a locally produced marshmallow spread marketed as “Fluff” to create a “fluffernutter” sandwich. No wonder the Kennedys have always tried to get to Washington by any means necessary.

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