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5 July 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 79
Lieberman Takes out Insurance Policy to Run as Independent -- Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is facing a very tough Democratic primary challenge on August 8. Ned Lamont, usually described in the press as “a little-known millionaire cable television executive,” is taking on a three-time US senator and former vice-presidential nominee. So why did Senator Lieberman start the petition drive necessary to run as an independent in November? Iraq.

North Korea Tweaks World’s Nose with Missile Test -- North Korea tested somewhere between 6 and 10 ballistic missiles in the wee hours of this morning. The good news is that the Taepodong-2, capable of flying as far as Alaska and Central Asia failed 40 seconds into the launch, while the other missiles tested were of shorter range. The bad news is that North Korea has annoyed just about everybody in the North Pacific region with what the Americans are rightly calling a “provocative” move.

New Jersey Casinos Shut as Part of State Budget Battle -- Atlantic City is not the Las Vegas of the East. It is too tawdry, ramshackle and plain dreadful for that. However, it does have the longest-lived casinos on the Atlantic coast of the US, and thousands of mostly elderly religiously get on the buses that deliver them daily from New York, Philadelphia and elsewhere to feed their pension money into slot machines. Except today. Because of a dispute between the governor and the legislature over the state budget, there are no casinos open today.

Fascislamists Murder Two for Watching World Cup -- Every once in a while, it is necessary to remind oneself of just what the fight against terror (badly executed though it may be) means. Gunmen of the Union of Islamic Courts entered a cinema in Somalia where the Germany-Italy World Cup Semi-Final was aired. They left two people dead as a result of their “religious” views.

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