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7 July 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 80
Lamont Blasts “George W. Lieberman” in Connecticut Senate Debate -- Last night, MSNBC and the local NBC affiliate WVIT-TV in Connecticut broadcast an hour-long debate between Senator Joe Lieberman and his Democratic Primary challenger Ned Lamont. However, the ghost of George W. Bush hung over the two as they took questions from the press and each other. That Senator Lieberman even consented to this debate is a sign of how much trouble he’s in. The fact that Mr. Lamont gave as good as he got just added to it.

Mexico’s Election to be Challenged in Court and on Streets -- Mexico's centre-left presidential candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador has announced that he will not accept the results of Sunday’s election as they stand. Alleging errors (if not fraud), he said the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE, by its Spanish initials) shouldn’t have named his conservative rival, Felipe Calderón, the winner. He will appeal the result to the Federal Electoral Tribunal (TRIFE, as it is known), which legally has the final word. He’s also calling on his supporters to protest in the streets tomorrow, and it may be that the streets of Mexico’s cities have the final word politically.

EU Trade Boss Mandelson Calls for “Grand Bargain” with China -- EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson was speaking at a Brussels trade conference earlier this week, and during his remarks, he said that the EU and China could make a “grand bargain” by “respecting” each other’s trade interests. That will require some major changes on both sides, and in the end, may not prove to be worthwhile.

Apologies and Forgiveness Don’t Count Unless They are Meant -- Last week, Wayne Rooney got tossed out of a World Cup match for stamping on a member of the Portuguese [Diving] team. Mr. Rooney has refused to apologize saying he’s not sorry because he’s done nothing wrong. A year ago today, London was hit by four wankers with bombs. As a result of their inability to act like grown-ups, 52 people are dead. This journal is not in the mood to forgive. These two events, one rather small potatoes compared to the other granted, combine to illustrate a bad habit this world’s developed, pro forma apologies and forgiveness.

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