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12 July 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 82
Pentagon to Give Guantánamo Detainees Geneva Rights -- The Bush administration finally caved in to decency and decided that the Pentagon will treat all detainees at Guantánamo in accordance with the Geneva Convention. This change of heart wasn’t a Pauline conversion en route to Damascus, but rather it comes directly from a 5-3 Supreme Court decision that blocked military tribunals for detainees. Tony Snow, White House spokesman, said of the reversal of policy, “It’s not really a reversal of policy.”

Mumbai Trains Hit by Bombers -- It’s getting old. People just trying to get through their day, commuting to and from jobs that may or may not pay the bills. Jammed together closer than less hurried societies would permit among non-relatives. And then, the explosions. Today, Mumbai, India, suffered seven bomb blasts. And today, all civilized people are Mumbaikars.

Bush Touts Deficit of “Only” $296 Billion -- The latest figures from Washington suggest that the federal budget deficit for the fiscal year that ends September 30 will be a mere $296 billion. Not even General Motors can lose this kind of money, but the public sector as run by the current incarnation of the GOP excels at such losses. Maybe, the president’s joy stems from the fact that, in February, he announced the gap between what Uncle Sam takes in and what he spends was likely to be $423 billion. Strange days indeed when the Republicans happily swim in red ink that deep.

Einstein’s Letters Reveal Human Side -- Albert Einstein was knocked off his pedestal on Monday, by his own hand. Some 3,500 pages of his letters made it to the media after Hebrew University in Jerusalem released them. Given to the university by his stepdaughter, they were kept secret until 20 years after her death. The picture emerging is not one of genius but rather of a flawed human being who wasn’t a particularly good husband or father. E still equals MC squared, but who knew he cheated on his wife so much?

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