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21 July 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 86
Ralph Reed is First Electoral Victim of Jack Abramoff -- Ralph Reed lost his bid to become the Republican candidate in Georgia for the job of Lieutenant Governor in Tuesday's primary. GOP voters decided the founder of the Christian Coalition had gotten a little too close to felon and ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff for their liking. Casey Cagle, state senator from Hall County, beat Mr. Reed by 20 percentage points. Not only does this finish Mr. Reed off as a candidate, but also it means corruption could play a big part in Novemberís elections.

Rice Headed to Middle East Later Rather Than Sooner -- The State Department has announced that Secretary of State neoCondoleezza Rice will visit the Middle East in an attempt to end the Israeli-Hezbollah fighting. However, there isnít any rush. The trip is set for sometime next week. And the world isnít sure which leaders sheíll be meeting. Washington is still working on that. The smart money says she wonít be going to Damascus or Tehran, where all the trouble has started, but then, peace isnít the objective.

Marriott Hotels to Forbid Smoking in US and Canadian Properties -- Marriott Hotels annoyed the tobacco industry and its customers yesterday when it announced it was going to ban smoking in each and every room in its 2,300 US and Canadian properties. Starting in September, guests will be informed at check-in of the no-smoking policy, and violators will face $200 to $300 fines. The reason is simple; Marriott thinks the ban will be profitable.

Being Working Class Ages British Women -- If the British class system werenít unfair enough already (though, itís got better in the last 200 years), a new study published in Aging Cell, suggests that merely being working class will age a British woman. It doesnít matter whether she is a member of the proletariat by birth or whether she has it thrust upon her by virtue of marriage. Merely being C2 is enough to put seven years on a woman compared with A or B status.

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