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24 July 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 87
Nevada, South Carolina Likely to Hold Democratic Nominating Votes Earlier -- The Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee voted on Saturday to let Nevada’s Caucuses and South Carolina’s Primary for the presidential nomination move to earlier spots on the calendar. This will force would-be presidents to spend more time there and less in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is progress of a sort, but regional primaries offer a better solution.

Britain’s Howells Splits from Bushevik Line on Lebanon -- While the British Prime Minister may still follow the White House line on letting Israel destroy Hezbollah, and taking with it Lebanon, the Foreign Secretary, Kim Howells, has decided to be his own man. While the US is rushing precision-guided missiles to Israel, Mr. Howells has dared suggest that the war on Hezbollah is actually killing off Lebanon, and in particular, Lebanese who were not necessary against Israel.

America’s Electrical Failures Cost Billions -- For the past week, 600-700,000 Americans have been without electrical power. They are not the victims of Al Qaeda, nor of a hurricane, although weather did contribute to their situations. The lights are out (still) in many parts of St. Louis, Missouri, and in Queens, New York because the American electricity distribution system is old and decaying. Fixing it will cost huge amounts, and not fixing it will cost more. Maintenance work on the infrastructure of the country is long overdue, and the private sector is ill-equipped to do it.

Tiger Woods Wins British Open by Two Shots -- Tiger Woods won his eleventh major championship with his two-stroke victory in the British Open over the week-end. This puts paid to the “Tiger’s past it” nonsense once and for all. Only Jack Nicklaus won more majors with 18, and with a couple of decades more golf in him, Mr. Woods is almost guaranteed to pass the Golden Bear. Missing from the Hoylake course was Earl Woods, father and mentor, who passed away three months ago. Yesterday, outside Liverpool, it was a belated Fathers’ Day.

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