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2 August 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 91
Morning-After Pill May Go OTC as FDA Confirmation Hearing Looms -- The US Food and Drug Administration is going to consider moving the morning-after birth control pill from the prescription category to the over-the-counter list. This announcement on Monday is a re-starting of a stalled decision-making process. Yesterday, the Senate held confirmation hearings for Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, the acting commissioner at the FDA. The Bush White House has sacrificed its own principles (yet again) in a desperate attempt to smooth the good doctor’s path. It might just backfire.

Fidel Castro Passes Power to Little Brother Raul -- Yesterday was the first day since January 1, 1959 that Fidel Castro, who will be 80 on the 13th of this month, was not the ultimate authority in Cuba. Owing to a bleeding stomach and/or intestine, the leader of the Cuban Revolution has passed his power over to his younger brother Raul, who is 75. Just as Charles X succeeded his brother Louis XVIII in France, the Cuban monarchy has shown its true colors. Those who believe Cuba is about to change soon are in for a disappointment.

Cingular Will Charge Extra Fee for Using an Old Phone -- Cingular Wireless may start charging customers with older cell phones a $4.99 fee as early as next month. Cingular wants to get rid of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and analog technology on its network and use Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM) instead. The “legacy technology surcharge” affects about 8% of Cingular’s customers. Who knew a cell phone would function long enough to become that obsolete?

MTV Turns Twenty-Five Quietly -- Yesterday, MTV turned 25 years old, but one would never have noticed by watching the network. Anniversaries are usually big deals, but MTV’s audience thinks ancient history was February. Besides, as revolutionary at its once was, MTV is no longer Music Television but Mediocre Television. Its competitors do what it once did, better.

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