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9 August 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 94
Lamont Beats Lieberman for Connecticut Democratsí Senate Nomination -- Ned Lamont won the primary election held in Connecticut yesterday, defeating three-term Senator Joe Lieberman for the Democratic Partyís nomination for the seat Lieberman holds. The man who held the second spot on the partyís ticket for the 2000 general election lost to a man whose public service is limited to 8 years as selectman of Greenwich, Connecticut. Senator Liebermanís support for Mr. Bushís War in Iraq is the reason.

Kiryat Shmona is Israelís New Orleans -- The rights and wrongs of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict donít amount to very much when ordinance is falling on oneís head. This is obvious in theory, but the people of the town of Kiryat Shmona have first hand experience going back years. Living on the Israel-Lebanon border, they are in the cross hairs of any exchange of fire. About 80% of the townís population has left, and all that remain are the poor, just like New Orleans last year.

Fed Takes a Rate Hike Rest -- The Federal Reserve decided not to raise interest rates at its meeting yesterday. It was the first meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee that didnít end in a rate increase since the tightening began in June 2004. That said, the decision was not unanimous, and in the Fedís collegial atmosphere, that signals that future rate hikes are not out of the question.

Floyd Landisí Testosterone Probably Didnít Help -- Floyd Landis has gone from hero to goat faster than any cyclist in the history of the sport. Two days after his victory in the Tour de France, he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. He has been stripped of his title, kicked off his cycling team, banned from competing for two years, and ridiculed in the media as a cheater. Whatís particularly odd is the general ineffectiveness of any testosterone doping he may have done. If one is going to risk an entire career by cheating, one ought to ensure that some advantage arises from breaking the rules. Short-term testosterone doping doesnít.

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