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28 August 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 102
Fenty’s Idealism Could Cost in DC Mayor’s Race -- One of the biggest complaints the very average American has about politics is the negative campaigning. However, the type of campaigning the electorate gets is a direct result of what works. Going negative wins elections. Going positive is getting a try out in the Washington DC mayor’s race. Adrian M. Fenty is the poster child for positive campaigning. Poor fellow.

Obama Gets Rock Star Welcome in Kenya -- Senator Barrack Obama (D-IL) returned to Kenya to visit relatives, something he has done before now. However, he wasn’t a US senator then. The African country where his father and grandfather lived rolled out the red carpet to welcome home its native son. Heads of state and rock stars get this kind of treatment. No fool, Mr. Obama used his time in the spotlight to take an AIDS test, promised to fight African poverty, and most importantly, stood up for a free press.

Americans’ Real Wages are Flat to Lower -- Mr. Bush said these aren’t joyous times with regard to the Iraqi Civil War, but he might just as well have been talking about real wages for American workers. Real wages are the funds in the paycheck when adjusted for inflation. In the latest economic expansion, real wages haven’t risen for the average worker, and indeed, in some groupings, those wages have declined. Maybe that’s why the GOP doesn’t get credit for a “booming” economy.

Finns Hold Cell Phone Throwing Championship -- A dropped call or an inability to get service can make most cell phone owners as crazed as Hitler on bad crack. They miss the perfect beauty that being inaccessible entails (talk about elite – one can’t be bothered even by the president without a cell tower nearby). On occasion, a cell phone gets tossed in anger. From this, the Finns have invented a sport.

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