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6 September 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 106
Harris Wins Florida Primary Despite Party Resistance -- To many outside Florida, Katherine Harris is the ex-secretary of state down there who ensured that Florida went to George “LBJ” Bush in the 2000 election through dirty tricks, official misconduct and plain cheating. As a result, the Florida Republican establishment talked her out of a run for the US Senate fearing those who hated her would turn out in droves to defeat the GOP this November. Last night, she won her party’s primary to replace Jeb Bush as governor of the state. The powers that be in the GOP camp forgot that a lot of Republicans love her for her actions back then.

Calderón Certified as Next Mexican President -- Mexico’s Federal Electoral Tribunal ruled yesterday that Felipe Calderón has, indeed, won the Mexican presidential election held in July. The tribunal is the court of final appeal, and the matter is closed. That being the case, someone needs to tell Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the man who officially lost by a fraction of a percentage point. He’s planning to hold a convention of supporters week after next and may set up a parallel administration.

US Oil Reserves May Soar with Gulf Find -- Chevron has announced that it has found oil more than 28,000 below the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico. Analysts say the evidence points to oil reserves much greater than previously believed. One report even says US reserves could rise 50% because of this discovery. However, the well is under 7,000 feet of sea water and 20,000 feet of rock. Getting it out won’t be cheap.

Steve Irwin Died a Teacher First and Foremost -- Paul Hogan played Crocodile Dundee on the silver screen, but Steve Irwin had the role on a daily basis. Best known in the US from his TV show “Crocodile Hunter,” Mr. Irwin was filming off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef when a freak accident with a stingray ended his life at 44 years. His homeland is in a state of shock, US TV covered his passing by rebroadcasting (excessively) footage of him feeding a crocodile while holding his month-old son, and most miss the point that he lived and died as a teacher, in the truest sense of the word.

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