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11 September 2006

Latest Commentary, In Memoriam: Volume V, Number 108
Five Years’ on Too Much is Undone -- Five years ago, on a clear September morning in New York and Washington (just like it is this morning), 19 murderers turned airliners into guided missiles. Almost 3,000 people died. On the fifth anniversary of the murders, one must balance the natural outpouring of emotion with a cold-eyed assessment of just what has happened since then. In a nutshell, some major work has yet to be done.

Iran’s Ex-President Khatami Visits Harvard -- Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami came to the US and spoke at Harvard on Friday. What he said wasn’t all that important compared to the fact that he came at all. First, he apparently wanted to make the five-city visit of which the Harvard speech was one part. Second, and much more important, the Bush administration didn’t prevent him from acquiring a visa, meaning they wanted him here as well. Could it be that some are trying to beat the drums of peace?

Chicagoans Protest Demise of Marshall Fields -- Chicago is still known as America’s second city, after New York, despite the fact that Los Angeles and Houston have passed it in population. It has its own local pride and culture, jazz and brats (don't call them hot dogs), and Mr. Jordan’s basketball team. So when New York-based Macy’s put its name on all the Chicago-based Marshall Fields stores, protests broke out in the Windy City. Management spent a year trying to find the balance between a nationwide brand and preserving Chicago’s contribution to American retail. They didn't win over everybody.

Peyton Manning Beats Little Brother Eli in Football -- Conservative commentator and baseball addict George Will has said that American football glories in the two worst things about the country – violence and committee meetings. He might have added hype to the list. When Indianapolis Colts took on the New York Giants last night, it was the first time two brothers quarterbacked opposing teams. Mercifully, neither played for Atlanta, or the media would have called it a “Brother against Brother: The Second Civil War.”

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