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27 September 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 115
Green Party Bounced from Pennsylvania Senate Ballot -- Carl Romanelli was to have been on the Pennsylvania state ballot as the Green Party candidate running for the US Senate seat held by Republican Rick Santorum. Commonwealth Court Judge James R. Kelley has ruled that the Greens didn’t get enough signatures to put Mr. Romanelli on the ballot. This boosts the Democrats’ candidate, state Treasurer Robert P. Casey Jr. in a race that is his to lose.

Abe Elected New Japanese PM -- The Japanese Diet elected a new Prime Minister with all the suspense of a Kabuki classic. Shinzo Abe was groomed by outgoing PM Koizumi, and his smoothly engineered succession to the leadership of the perennial ruling Liberal Democrats took all the surprise out of the vote. He won 339 votes out of 475 counted in the lower house and 136 ballots out of 240 in the upper chamber. Now, all he has to do is govern.

WEF Report Gives Competitiveness Standings -- The World Economic Forum, the big shots who meet in Davos every year, has produced its annual Global Competitiveness Index. The US is no longer top of the heap, according to the WEF, ranking no better than sixth. Currently, Switzerland is alleged to be the most competitive economy followed by Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore. While the ultra-patriots in the US may be upset, the GCI illustrates a few points worth considering.

New Orleans’ Superdome Returns to Football Duties -- A year and a month after the world watched New Orleans drown and watched the Superdome there become synonymous with Hell, the building returned to its usual duties as a football stadium. While the New Orleans Saints-Atlanta Falcons rivalry provides a little boost to the fans whenever they play, the emotion in the stadium Monday night had less to do with who was playing than with that fact that anyone was playing in New Orleans.

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