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2 October 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 117
Foley’s Resignation Poses GOP Morals Problem -- The social conservative vote in November 2004 kept Mr. Bush in the White House. Those who worry more about school prayer and the morning-after pill than about taxes and war are Republican to the core. With the resignation of Congressman Mark Foley under a cloud of inappropriate e-mails to more than one young man, the SoCons may just stay home, sinking the GOP’s hopes.

India to Give Pakistan Mumbai Bomb Evidence -- India claims that the Mumbai bombings that killed 186 people on its commuter trains in July had the backing of elements of the Pakistani security forces. Naturally, the Pakistani government called this claim “baseless” and demanded proof that the ISI was involved. India has said the evidence was on its way. Given that both nations have nuclear weapons and have fought a few wars with each other in the last half century or so, this is a damn sight more dangerous than Iran’s atomic tinkering.

US Legislation Devastates On-Line Gambling Stocks -- America has a gambling problem, or more accurately, a problem with regulating gambling. It seems that, in an election year, the Do-Less-Than-Nothing Congress attached the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to a port security bill and passed it. As a result, stocks in some of the cyber-gaming companies fell by a third or more.

Showtime’s “Dexter” Gives Michael C. Hall a New Spotlight -- As David Fisher on HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” Michael C. Hall was easily the most likeable of the family of undertakers. The role made him something of a star, and the question for every actor with a series ending is “what’s next?” Showtime’s “Dexter” offers Mr. Hall a chance to answer that, in a very unsettling way.

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