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9 October 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 120
Angelides Debates Schwarzenegger -- Democratic Treasurer of California Phil Angelides had a TV debate over the week-end with the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The polls say the Austrian-born Californian will win re-election, but voting is a month away, and thatís a really long time in politics. Mr. Angelides didnít score a knock-out, but he did lay out a much different vision for the Golden State than MR Schwarzenegger has delivered. Still, the race is "Ahnold's" to lose.

North Korea Tests Nuke -- For all the saber-rattling over Iran and its theoretical nuclear weapon, the real problem is North Korea. There have been criminal regimes in other countries throughout history, but the ďDemocratic Peopleís Republic of KoreaĒ is not just criminal, it is criminally insane. The fact that it tested a nuclear weapon yesterday merely means that the madmen are even more dangerous. The options are few, they arenít good, and itís time to implement them.

Kerkorian Nixes Buying More GM Stock -- Kirk Kerkorian bought a pretty big stake in General Motors a while back, and his participation in the ownership of the company got rave reviews from many. Heís the kind of guy to can turn things around, sometimes. Friday, he announced he wasnít going to buy any more stock in the company, and his advisor, Jerome York, has quit GMís board. It isnít a vote of no confidence just yet, but itís getting there.

BBC Announces Paul Weller Will Open Electric Proms -- The Proms, short for ďpromenade concert,Ē are an old and honored (or better, honoured) British tradition held at the Royal Albert Hall. The last night, in particular, is worth turning up for just to watch the flagwaving crowd prepare for the end of summer. The BBC, in its wisdom, has decided to launch a pop music version at the venerable Roundhouse in Camden, London (which might count as the Royal Albert Hall for rockers were it not for the Hammersmith Palais). The first night is October 25th, with The Magic Numbers supporting the Modfather himself, Paul Weller.

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