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30 October 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 128
Early Voting Cancels Some Last Ditch Efforts -- With the mid-term elections 8 days away, the candidates are turning up the heat on one another. The nasty ads are about to air, the final pleas for money are being made and the national campaign coordinators are trying to decide who needs some extra help in the last week. None of this takes into account the rise of early voting. A great many ballots have already been cast, and any shift in public sentiment now can’t change those votes. Thus, these last ditch efforts are already too late.

Mexican Troops Storm Oaxaca’s Central Square -- The Mexican government of Vicente Fox finally brought an end to the occupation of Oaxaca’s central square, sending in federal forces to clear the area. All sides will apportion blame according to their agendas, but it is obvious that a negotiated settlement to what began as a teachers’ strike ended with a shooting by police (possibly provoked, possibly not) on Friday. Burning tires, big sticks, tear gas and helicopters overhead proved that Mexico is not as stable as it could and should be.

Ford Stops Making Taurus -- The Ford Taurus didn’t have the panache of a Lamborghini, nor the stately dignity of a Rolls Royce. Then again, it didn’t draw giggles like an AMC Pacer or an East German Trabant. Ford sold 7 million of them, and it is a pity they won’t sell anymore. The last was built on Friday. America needs more cars like the Taurus and fewer SUVs and trucks.

St. Louis Cardinals Win World Series -- The St. Louis Cardinals took four games from the Detroit Tigers to win the 2006 World Series, rounding out a most unlikely post-season. Twice, they ran into teams who should have outscored them, and twice, those teams (the Mets and the Tigers) went cold at exactly the wrong time. The Cardinals don’t engender the same hatred that good hearted, moral folks have for the New York Yankees, but there was something of a let down even before Game One; the Cardinals didn't deserve to be there in the minds of many. With the victory parade in St. Louis yesterday, the let down (outside of the Redbird Nation) was complete.

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