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3 November 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 130
Gerrymandered America Renders Many Voters Voiceless -- In a democratic system, the fundamental rule is the sovereignty of the people. Whether that takes the form of a parliamentary system, a presidential one, or direct democracy, all are founded on the premise that the people should rule. In America’s 2006 election, that principle may still apply but only by the thinnest of margins. The professional politicians and their collaborators in the courts have ensured that fewer and fewer seats are competitive. Indeed, pollsters believe the Democrats may win 20 or so House seats from the GOP, but were the same conditions in place in 1976, they would gain 150. Now, most seats will not change hands because they almost cannot.

Panama Gets UN Security Council Seat in Compromise -- Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez wanted a seat on the UN Security Council so he could use it to hector the Bush administration. Naturally, the Bush administration sought a candidate to prevent that, and thus, it backed Guatemala, run by a much friendlier regime. After 47 ballots, neither had won the 2/3 majority of the General Assembly necessary, so they are both withdrawing in favor of Panama. It’s a win for the Busheviks, since their entire goal was to stop Mr. Chavez.

UTube Sues YouTube -- Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corp. is a small manufacturer with 17 employees in Ohio. In August, its website had 68 million hits, which means a heckuva lot of people know about the company. The problem, though, is few of those visitors meant to go to that website. They wanted, the video site, but typed in, the site of Universal Tube. Now, UTube is suing YouTube. This is one David should lose to Goliath because David doesn't see his own advantage in this situation.

Plastic Pink Flamingo Factory Closes -- Leominster, Massachusetts, was home to Union Products, Inc. up until Wednesday, when the company closed its doors. Normally, this journal views such events as sad, disrupting workers’ lives as they do. However, this case is exceptional. Union Products manufactured the plastic pink flamingos that have stained American culture since the 1950s, and the shuttering of the factory might mean an end to these abominations.

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