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8 November 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 132
Dems Take House, Could Win Senate -- Americans voted yesterday to rein in the Bush administration. With most of the votes counted, the Democratic Party will have a 30-seat majority in the 435-mmeber House of Representatives. Moreover, if the current thin margins hold in Montana and Virginia, the US Senate will go to the Democrats, 51 seats against 49 GOP seats. Divided government will return to America in January, and despite what one may think, it usually works best that way.

Ortega Headed Back to Nicaraguan Presidency -- If the electoral council upholds the vote count as it stands, the next president of Nicaragua will be a former president of Nicaragua. Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra, or just Daniel Ortega to the yanquis, was president of Nicaragua from 1985 to 1990. He had led the Sandinista communists to power at gun point in 1979 and run things without the benefit of elections for six years. Now, it looks like he will return, but he says he isn’t a communist any more. Apart from Castro, who is?

Jargon Makes Managers Look Like Idiots -- The BBC website ran a story on Monday that merits discussion, jargon in the workplace. Now, every specialization requires specific language to discuss its arcana, but not everything is a specialization. Business management certainly isn’t because one must communicate with non-managers to be effective. Yet, there is constant “blue-sky thinking outside the box” that prevents business from explaining to employees what do to and what to do better. A permanent ban on business jargon might help.

Duct Tape Doesn’t Work on Warts After All -- Ask any handyman, and one will learn that the universe is held together with duct tape. It can not only tape ducts, but it doesn’t do a bad job of making a non-stick shower, and in a pinch it does a good job of weather-stripping doors and windows. Rumor has it that it can fix wading pools, remove nail polish and serve as an insect trap. Thanks to Dutch researchers, though, the world now knows that duct tape can’t get rid of warts.

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