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20 November 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 137
Feds Avoid Linking WTC Air to Rescue Worker Deaths -- The Federal government has decided that it won’t standardize guidelines for autopsies that could link the poisoned air around the World Trade Center to the later deaths of the rescue workers at the site. On Friday, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health posted a note on its website saying that it would “pursue other avenues for documenting long-term health effects from exposure to air contaminants from the World Trade Center disaster.” Apparently, the NIOSH feared the data collected would be “misinterpreted.” The word “cover-up” springs readily to mind.

APEC Summit Was a Partial Success -- The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Hanoi was a partial success. While the late-night comedians were thrilled that Mr. Bush went to Vietnam 33 years later than he was supposed to go, the truth is this summit actually got some things done. The Vietnamese children who greeted the summiteers aren’t the only ones smiling.

Housing Construction Drops 14.6% in October -- The housing market took a huge blow in October, as figures put out by the Commerce Department on Friday show. The building of new houses and apartments dropped to an annual rate of 1.486 million units last month, down 14.6 % from the September level. That’s the biggest drop in more than six years. Yet the Fed still worries about inflation.

Ohio State Beats Michigan 42-39 -- The college football championship game was played on Saturday between Ohio State and Michigan. The NCAA and the media didn’t call it that, because that would let on what a fraud the “post-season” of college football is. Nonetheless, with number-one ranked Ohio State winning 42-39 over second ranked Michigan, one can guarantee that the final rankings will see OSU on top. Hyped as the “Game of the Century,” it did live up to its billing, after all the century is only about 5 years old.

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