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22 November 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 138
Rangel Wants Conscription -- The Democratic Congressman from Harlem, New York, Charles Rangel has suggested that the US reinstate the draft. This isnít the first time he has advanced this proposal. And as a veteran of the Korean War, he doesnít have a history of draft dodging to defend. Although there are some advantages to having universal national service, this isnít the best idea in Washington.

Lebanese Industry Minister Assassinated -- Pierre Gemayel, a leader of Lebanonís Christian Phalange and Minister of Industry, died of multiple gunshot wounds yesterday. He is the fifth anti-Syrian politician killed in Lebanon in the last several months. He probably wonít be the last. Although the Syrian government has denied responsibility, there is little doubt that members of the Syrian security establishment were involved. And this is one of the regimes Mr. Bush needs to help him get out of Iraq-Nam.

US Mint to Try Again with Dollar Coin -- The US Mint is going to try to get Americans to use $1 coins yet again. The only policy that has less success is American efforts in Iraq-Nam. The Eisenhower dollar, the Susan B. Anthony, the Sacajawea have all failed. Now, the Mint is calling on George Washington, John Adams, Tom Jefferson and James Madison, the big guns as it were. This wonít work either, but there is a way.

Gibson and Richards Really are Bigots -- The entertainment news this week focused on Michael Richardsí use of the word ďniggerĒ to put down black hecklers in a Los Angeles nightclub. A few months ago, a drunk Mel Gibson grabbed headlines for claimed that the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Both men have apologized and stated that they arenít bigots. Thatís not true; only a racist uses that word, and only an anti-Semite says Jews cause all the trouble.

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