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29 November 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 141
Straight-Party Ballot Mark May Have Boosted Dems -- Long ago, there was something called a “Yellow Dog” Democrat. Such a voter was so attached to the Democratic Party that he would vote for a yellow dog if nominated by the Dems. Voting a “straight ticket” back in the days of the city political machines was much more common that a split ticket. However, in the latest election, psephologists have suggested that the ability to select a straight ticket with a single mark on the ballot may have helped oust the GOP from certain seats.

NATO Afghan Plans Undermined by Opium Trade -- During the Cold War it was said that the purpose of NATO was to keep the Americans in, the Soviets out and the Germans down. Since there are no more Soviets, NATO has been trying to find a purpose. Having sort of dealt with the death of Yugoslavia, it turned its hand to helping stabilize Afghanistan. Things there have suffered from a distracted America and rough terrain as well as reluctant governments. However, the problem that will derail NATO’s plans to hand over the security of the country to indigenous forces is the opium trade that funds the warlords. It will take a generation to fix.

US October Durable Goods Orders Drop 8.3% -- The US economy continues to slow. While the Fed and the financial markets keep their eyes on contained inflation, less is being spent on fewer goods. The GDP growth rates have declined since January on a quarterly basis, and now, the Commerce Department says durable goods orders (those big ticket items that are supposed to last more than 3 years, e.g. refrigerators) dropped 8.3% in October, surprising the market.

IOC OKs Skicross for 2010 Olympics, Not Women’s Ski Jumping -- The International Olympic Committee met in Kuwait City yesterday and decided that the 2010 games will feature skicross but not women’s ski jumping. Precisely why the IOC met in one of the world’s hottest places to discuss snow sports remains a mystery. Also a mystery is why there will be no team luge or team Alpine skiing, and of course, the dreadful decision not to have individual curling.

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