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1 December 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 142
Judge Orders FEMA to Help New Orleans’ Displaced -- It was bad enough that the levees were not adequately designed or maintained. It was worse that the poor were left at the Superdome and Convention Center. However, the worst is that, more than a year after Hurricane Katrina drowned New Orleans, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had to be ordered by a judge to help those still displaced. Vets coming home from Iraq may wish to pay close attention to how the government takes care of folks.

Bush and Maliki Eventually Meet to Achieve Little -- Someone in Washington didn’t read “Summits for Dummies.” Yesterday’s meeting among host King Abdullah of Jordan, Prime Minister Maliki of Iraq and America’s President Bush didn’t get off to much of a start. After an unflattering memo from US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley about Mr. Maliki was leaked, the social dinner to have occurred on Wednesday was cancelled. A working session yesterday amounted to little more than a photo op. Of the three, only His Majesty is likely to keep his job beyond 2009, and the inability of the participants to make any headway in Iraq’s Civil War is the reason why.

Microsoft’s Vista Roll Out Begins -- Yesterday, Microsoft began its global roll out of its new Vista operating system. It is designed to replace Windows XP. At the same time, the company has released an updated office suite called Office 2007 as well as a new version of Exchange, its networking software. While this news will not affect most computer users for months, the magnitude of the effort is noteworthy.

Court Holds US Currency “Unfair” to the Blind -- US District Judge James Robertson has ruled that the US Treasury has been unfair to the blind by issuing various denominations of currency that can only be distinguished by sight. This goes against US government arguments that it would be expensive to make dollar bills recognizable by those who can’t see, that it would reduce anti-counterfeiting measures, and that it would undermine international acceptance of the dollar. This is a case that should never have even made it into court. The Treasury has just been insensitive and stupid.

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