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4 December 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 143
Iraq-Nam Calculus Shows No Benefit to Staying On -- All of Washington has been awaiting the Iraq Study Group’s report for weeks in childlike (or childish) anticipation. James Baker, Lee Hamilton and company will hand over their final suggestions for US policy in Iraq-Nam on Wednesday. Since there are no good options for the region, the ISG will largely fudge the matter and try to sell the world on the least bad. However, implicit in the least bad is a moral and political calculation that few in Washington and elsewhere understand.

Chavez Re-Elected in Venezuela -- Hugo Chavez won re-election yesterday as President of Venezuela. One could almost hear the crying coming from the Oval Office. Mr. Chavez declared that his triumph was “another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate the world,” and since he already called President Bush “the devil” at the UN, no points for guessing whom he meant. The trouble, of course, lies in the long-term policy aims of Mr. Chavez. In trying to break the domination of the yanquis, he is squandering his nation’s resources.

Wall Street Journal to Change its Look -- The Wall Street Journal is a dinosaur in many respects. In a field dominated by bright colors and short articles, the WSJ is a text-rich read that has some of the finest reporting anywhere. That is going to change in January, according to its publisher, Dow Jones & Co. While it is necessary for any publication to evolve, one can’t help but believe that these are not changes for the better. And besides, the one thing that really needs changing at the paper is the hyper-reactionary editorial page, not the page width.

Ancient Greek Computer’s Secrets Unraveled -- Sponge divers in Greece brought up a corroded lump of bronze in 1900 from a wrecked Roman ship. Last week, scientists announced that the lump was, in fact, a two-thousand-year-old calculating machine. As Mike Edmunds, professor of astronomy at Cardiff University and leader of the project team asked, “If the ancient Greeks made this, what else could they do?”

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