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6 December 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 144
Bolton to Leave UN -- John Bolton will not be Americaís Ambassador to the UN for much longer. His recess appointment lapses when Congress adjourns, most likely Friday. Unable to muster the support needed to get an up-or-down vote for Senate confirmation, he and the White House have yielded to the inevitable. While he was never quite as bad as some of his critics made out (who could be?), his departure from the UN can only improve Americaís image.

Musharraf May Surrender Claim to Kashmir -- Kashmir is a flashpoint between two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. While the world community spends a great deal of emotion on the Palestinians, with some left over passion for Darfur, Kashmir is the one problem where a nuclear exchange could arise. Two of the three wars between Pakistan and India centered around Kashmiri sovereignty. President Pervez Musharraf has offered to give up Pakistanís claims if India meets certain conditions. This represents half of a breakthrough, and it is cause for optimism in a region where optimism is often unfounded.

Italian Politicians Demand IKEA Boycott -- Alfredo Mantovano of the National Alliance Party and Gaetano Quagliariello of Forza Italia are two conservative Italian senators. Apparently, they have too much time on their hands. They are demanding that Italians boycott IKEAís 12 stores in Italy because the Scandinavian furniture shop suffers anti-Catholic prejudices. These rocket-scientists base this on the fact that IKEA doesnít sell Nativity scenes.

Too Many Keep Minding Other Peopleís Business -- Kota Baru in Indonesia, Indore in India and New York City have one thing in common this week. Each seems to be full of busybodies worried about minding other peopleís business. One can readily catch the whiff of totalitarianism emanating from each. In the first, the city's Nosey Parkets are worried about how women dress, in the second about two actors kissing on screen and in the third about transfat in restaurant food. The jackasses are loose.

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