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11 December 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 146
ISG Report Yields Troubling Facts -- Last Wednesday’s report from the Iraq Study Group has been Washington's main point of discussion for the last five days. On the right, the neo-cons and their fellow travelers are claiming it’s a recipe for defeat. Near the center, it was hailed as a way forward. To the left, it was a disappointment. What is most interesting, given that the president has no intention of relying on it, was the set of facts it reported showing just how messed up the situation is.

Former Chilean Dictator Pinochet Dies at 91 -- General Augusto Pinochet died at the age of 91 over the week-end. The man was dictator of Chile for 17 years. In that time, he murdered thousands of his countrymen while claiming he was just saving it from communism. For those who still think the old man did the right thing, one doesn’t save a country from communism by imposing fascism. The only regret here is that the general lived as long as he did.

Shell Forced to Yield Control of Sakhalin Project -- Royal Dutch Shell has been under pressure over its Sakhalin-2 liquefied natural gas project for months from the Kremlin and its oil and gas arm Gazprom. Earlier today, Shell cracked and gave up its control of the project. While the Kremlin continues to consolidate its hold over Russia’s energy industry, it has also sent a very clear message to foreign investors: “Enter at your own risk.”

-Fans Separate Gibson the Man from “Apocalypto” the Film -- Mel Gibson’s latest film, “Apocalypto,” is the first released since his anti-Semitic, drunken yammerings in California a few months ago. Those who wanted to punish the Aussie from Peekskill, New York, thought a boycott would work. Apparently, moviegoers were more discriminating. While they may not like Mel the Bigot, they made his movie number one in America.

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