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3 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 2
Giuliani Loses Presidential Playbook -- Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani may soon announce his candidacy for president. Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported in an exclusive story that someone helping him in the endeavor managed to lose a binder with a 140-page plan inside. Team Giuliani says it was the victim of dirty tricks. Cynics ask how better to float a campaign trial balloon without spending millions? However, the playbook offers amazing insight into what candidates must do before they have shaken a single hand or kissed a single baby in the actual campaign.

ETA Blows up Spanish Parking Garage and Peace Talks -- If Mr. Bush is serious about America fighting a war against terrorism anywhere in the world it raises its ugly head, then prepare to see GI Joe deployed to Spain. ETA, a Basque-nationalist group, blew up a multi-story parking garage in Madrid on Saturday despite having announced a “permanent ceasefire” about nine months ago. While the Spanish government believes that this is the end of peace talks, ETA claims the peace process is not broken. One is more prepared to believe the government.

CEO Nardelli Leaves Home Depot -- Bob Nardelli resigned as CEO of Home Depot this morning. Profits at the hardware superstore chain have been all right in the 6 years Mr. Nardelli has been at the helm. The stock price hasn’t kept up, and that led to the “mutual agreement” between Mr. Nardelli and the board that it was time for him to move on. His pay packet may have been the deal breaker.

OBEs Could Get Lapel Badge for £15 -- Once again, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has put out the New Year’s Honours List, and once again, one has been overlooked. A duchy is probably too much to expect, but an OBE for services to the cause of republicanism in Britain certainly is in order. Still, one is spared the moral conundrum of whether to pony up £15 for a button hole badge since the sale of hono(u)rs has got Mr. Blair into such trouble.

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