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10 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 5
What Mr. Bush Won’t Announce Tonight -- According to the White House, President George “LBJ” Bush will announce his new plan for winning the war in Iraq-Nam at 9 pm eastern time on TV. Given the leaks over the last few days, it is clear he’ll escalate the war, relying on a “surge” of troops to snuff out the insurrection in the country. It won’t work, and thousands more will die. Instead, the president should announce that the US has had enough, and that it’s up to the Iraqis to fix Iraq.

Bangladesh Protests Continue as Election Looms -- Bangladesh is suffering from days of pre-election protests, with home-made bombs and stones being thrown at the police who seem to respond with more violence than thoughtfulness. The army has been called out to stiffen the forces of “order.” At the heart of the problem is an election scheduled for January 22, which the opposition Awami League believes has already been rigged because the voters’ list has not been updated. The president of the country, meanwhile, says the election must go ahead as per the constitution. This may be the end of a very rare bird, a parliamentary democracy in a Muslim nation.

Chavez is Building 19th Century Socialism in Venezuela -- President Hugo Chavez starts this third term in office today vowing to move Venezuela along the path to “a socialist republic.” He said after swearing in a new cabinet yesterday, “We are in an existential moment of Venezuelan life. We’re heading toward socialism, and nothing and no-one can prevent it.” Unfortunately for Venezuela, Mr. Chavez seems to be anticipating a very 19th century kind of socialism, in which the state misrules the nation and mismanages the economy.

Milk Cancels Tea’s Cardiovascular Benefits -- Tea has been hailed as a health drink for centuries. Even in coffee-drinking America, one can see people drinking tea in the hopes of living longer because it is chock full of anti-oxidants. Now, a study from Germany suggests that the cardiovascular benefits of tea drinking are cancelled by adding milk to the brew. Not surprising from a country where beer is called "liquid bread."

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