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12 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 6
Bush’s “New Way Forward” Presses Deeper into Quagmire -- On Wednesday, President Bush addressed the world from the White House library offering his “New Way Forward” for Iraq-Nam. It boils down to 21,500 extra US troops in the country, another $1 billion in reconstruction spending, and a “pretty please, Prime Minister Maliki, make your countrymen behave.” It won’t bring stability to Iraq-Nam because it can’t. It is stupid and wasteful to try. Stupidity and wastefulness, though, are fundamental to the administration’s approach to foreign policy.

Far Right Forms Euro-Parliament Grouping -- Calling itself “Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty” a band of far-right Members of the European Parliament have united into a parliamentary bloc of 20 MEPs. This is the threshold for campaign funding and other benefits. Ironically, it was MEPs from Bulgaria and Romania that provided the extra faces. The far right had worked to keep those two countries out of the EU. At the same time, a former member of the UK Independence Party and now an independent MEP has joined, which brought calls for his resignation.

Apple, Inc.’s iPhone Wows CES, Brings Lawsuit from Cisco -- Steve Jobs’ appearances at the International Consumer Electronics Show are to computer-geeks what Green Day gigs are to punks of all ages – well worth the wait. This time around, the founder of Apple Computers showed off his company’s entry into the cell phone market, the iPhone. It is likely to change the nature of the cell phone as surely as he changed the name of his firm to Apple, Inc., so long at the iPhone name gets passed a lawsuit by Cisco.

Beckham Moving to LA Galaxy -- David Beckham, 31-year-old former captain of England’s national soccer team, issued a statement yesterday that read in part, “This week, Real Madrid asked me to make a decision regarding my future and the offer to extend my contract by a further two seasons. After discussing several options with my family and advisers to either stay here at Madrid or join other major British and European clubs, I have decided to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and play in the MLS [America’s Major Soccer League] from August this year.” That won’t help the Galaxy much, since they start their season on April 8 against Houston.

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