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15 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 7
Entry Fee for ’08 Presidential Race around $100 Million -- In order to be considered a “serious” candidate for the presidency next time around, a politician is going to need to raise about $100 million before calendar 2008 begins. Combined, those running for the GOP and Democratic Party’s nomination will spend over $1 billion. That’s rather a lot to spend for a job that pays $400,000 a year. Still, a billion dollars for a campaign works out to be just over $3.30 per American. As George Will notes, that is less than Americans spend on chewing gum every year.

Moroccan Journalists Punished for Humor Article -- Of all the Arab nations, Morocco is among the most liberal and civilized. So when it punishes two journalists for something they wrote, it is an exception rather than the rule. Regardless of its rarity, the decision by Moroccan officials to fine two journalists, give them a suspended jail sentence and close their publication for two months is a bad one. In the spirit of friendliest criticism, the Kensington Review objects.

Euro Surpasses Dollar in Debt Markets -- For the first time ever, outstanding debt denominated in euros exceeded outstanding dollar-denominated debt last month. The total is 45% of global debt in the euro and 37% for the US currency. New debt issued in the last twelve months made the difference with 49% of it in the single European currency. While this is another milestone in the rise of the euro, there are a few factors that argue against excessive concern in America. After all, this represents an increase in money owed.

Edinburgh University to Cut Back on Honorary Degrees -- Edinburgh University, founded in 1582, 54 years before Harvard College, has decided to reign in the use of honorary degrees. According to the university, in papers secured under Scotland’s freedom of information legislation, “the question of removing honorary degrees from individuals would be considered as soon as possible,” by the Honorary Degrees Committee. Of course, if one had given Robert Mugabe, the tyrant of Zimbabwe such a degree in 1984 as Edinburgh had, one might be of a similar persuasion.

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