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17 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 8
Obama Forms Presidential Exploratory Committee -- Barrack Hussein Obama described himself at the 2004 Democratic election as a kid with a funny name. However, its a name about which the entire American electorate is going to hear a great deal in the next year or so. Yesterday, he filed the legal papers required to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee, the first step in running for the presidency. Whether he wins the nomination or not, whether he becomes President #44 or not, he is already shaping the debate.

Iranian MPs Challenge President Ahmadinejad -- Frances Harrison of the BBC reported from Tehran on Tuesday that A group of reformist and moderate members of parliament have now started collecting signatures to summon [President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad] to answer questions about his policies. At the same time, the correspondent says, 150 MPs have signed a letter urging the president to base his next budget on realistic assumptions - for example, about future oil prices which are key to Iran's economic forecasts. This may be the beginning of a more flexible Iran.

European Migrant Remittances Often Surpass Aid -- One of the growth industries in finance of late has been arranging transfers of funds from migrant workers to their families back home. A recent study by the World Bank shows that, for some European and Central Asian countries, remittances add up to more than official aid does. While aid packages are important, the direct infusion of money in this way does even more good.

Golden Globes Shine for 64th Time -- The Hollywood Foreign Press Association handed out its Golden Globes for the 64th time on Monday. The HFPA has gone from a rather interesting amalgam of stringers to a genuine force in entertainment criticism in that time. Indeed, the Oscars crowd could learn a few things from the association, not least of which is being able to end the show on time.

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