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22 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 10
Brownback, Clinton and Richardson Announce White House Plans -- It was a rare politician in America who didn’t announce plans to run for the White House in 2008 this week-end. Senators Brownback (R-KS) and Clinton (D-NY) as well as Governor Richardson (D-NM) threw their respective hats into the ring over the week-end. It seems quite early to many since the first balloting for convention delegates is more than a year off, but in fact, the apparatchiks in both parties are trying desperately to prevent a grass-roots campaign from taking off. Getting establishment candidates announced early will help the Old Guard in both parties.

Radical Party “Wins” Serb Election, May Not Govern -- Serbia has created an interesting and worrisome political situation for itself and its neighbors with yesterday’s elections. It appears that the nationalist Serbian Radical Party (party of late war-criminal Slobodon Milosevic) garnered the most votes, tallying around 28.3%. However, the Democratic Party of President Boris Tadic received 22.6%, and the center-right Popular Coalition of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica got 16.3%. With some support from other pro-European parties, the latter two should be able to keep the Radicals from power. However, it is troubling that three out of 10 Serbs back such a party at all.

New York Politicians Fear for City’s Financial Center Status -- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Charles Schumer have released a report from consulting group McKinsey & Company that says New York’s status as “financial capital of the world” is under threat. In the usual manner of politicians who need some time on TV, the pair are holding a news conference this morning to whine that the rules in the US undermine the city’s ability to compete with places like London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. They exaggerate.

“Dresden Files” Premiers on Sci-Fi Channel -- A few years back, Jim Butcher wrote some novels about a wizard named Harry. He has no doubt spent an inordinate amount of time explaining that his is the Other Wizard Named Harry. Imagine Sam Spade with a wand, or “X-Files” meets J.K. Rowling. The Sci Fi Channel launched the “Dresden Files” last night, and the series is promising not only for the quality of Mr. Butcher’s imagination, but also for the quality of the production and acting in the first episode.

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