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29 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 13
US Peace Protest Affects Nothing -- Thousands marched in an anti-war protest in Washington, DC on Saturday. United for Peace and Justice, a coalition group sponsoring the protest, dared for 100,000 protesters, but they didn’t achieve those numbers. In fact, they didn’t achieve much of anything. At best, it was a trip down memory lane for the over-50s in the crowd. The unhappy truth is street protests don’t matter unless the crowd is prepared to challenge the very existence of the government. It would have been much more effective to send a check to members of the House and Senate demanding an end to the war.

Another Battle of Najaf Suggests Awful Development -- A group calling itself the Army of Heaven stepped into the Iraq-Nam spotlight over the week-end. It was the target of Iraqi and American forces, who claimed to have killed 350 of the militants. While there was some surprise that the group had anti-aircraft weapons and other heavy equipment, the real concern was its alleged targeting of Shi’ite clerics and pilgrims during the commemoration of the death of Imam Hussien in the 7th century, known as “Ashura.” If the top clerics are slain, there will be no way to stabilize the country.

Poll Shows Many Believe Euro Has Hurt Economies -- When most of the European Union adopted the euro as a common currency, it was supposed to make everyone’s life easier and richer. According to a poll by the Financial Times and Harris Interactive, “more than two-thirds of French, Italian and Spanish citizens, and more than 50% of Germans, think that the advent of the single currency, which was introduced eight years ago, has been bad for their country,” said the Guardian. Is this a case of misperception or did the pro-euro crowd over-promise and under-deliver?

Caffeine-Laced Donuts to Hit US Market -- America has a drug problem, and the government is doing absolutely nothing about it. The drug in question is caffeine, and it is unlikely that anyone outside the Mormon Church is free of the drug. To make matters worse, word from North Carolina, which has already given America too much tobacco, has it that one will soon be able to get caffeinated donuts.

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