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31 January 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 14
California to Launch “Career Technical Education” -- Most trends in American culture start in California. In general, that is neither good nor bad, merely a fact. However, an initiative in Governor Schwarzenegger’s new budget calls for something that is decidedly good, and one hopes the rest of the nation catches on. The Governator wants to spend $52 million to jump start vocational education. Having received such an education himself in his native Austria, Mr. Schwarzenegger is living proof that vocational ed is not a second class education but an alternative path to success.

Eight in Birmingham Arrested under Terrorism Act -- In the pre-dawn hours, 55 police officers got out of their white vans and arrested 8 people in Birmingham under Britain’s Terrorism Act. The media report MI5 believes those arrested were planning to kidnap a member of the UK military, torture and behead him, and put the whole thing on the internet. A defense source quoted by Reuters said the target was a Muslim who would be on home leave at the time of the abduction. The West Midlands police issued a statement that read in part, “It is unhelpful of the media and potentially damaging to the investigation or any future court cases to speculate on the details of this investigation.” The police in Britain always say that when they have the goods on someone.

Manchester Gets UK’s First Super Casino -- English comedian Jasper Carrot performed in Las Vegas ages ago and said that there was nothing like that city anywhere in the UK. He said the Brits gambled by eating in restaurants. Much has changed of late, not least of which is the decision by Britain’s Casino Advisory Panel to grant the city the first license to build a “super casino” in the country. Most amusingly, the UK bookies had Manchester as a 16-1 outsider against six other sites.

Barbaro Euthanized after Battle to Recover from Preakness Fall -- Horses are the only non-human species to which homo sapiens grant the title “athlete.” Dogs race and hunt with humans, but they are only “man’s best friend.” Cats are domesticated but no more than that. Cattle, sheep and pigs are food waiting to happen. Horses, though, have a special place in the history of man, and in the hearts of many. So when a colt named “Barbaro” fell at last year’s Preakness, his struggle to recover touched countless people who had never ridden a horse. His death on Monday, a medical decision by his vets and owners, cast more light on the way humans treat their animals better than their aged.

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