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2 February 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 15
Boston Has Terror Panic over Cartoon Network Promo -- Boston, Massachusetts, closed down on Wednesday when a few “suspicious” packages were reported. Security personnel swung into action to protect the citizenry. One of the packages was detonated by the bomb squad. Within a few hours, the city was safe again. Homeland security at its finest had just saved Boston from a promotional campaign by Cartoon Network promoting “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” a rather amusing adult animated show. This journal’s loathing of the city on the Charles seems vindicated.

Poor Mexicans Protest Rising Tortilla Prices -- The French Revolution began not because of the social inequalities among the nobility, the clergy and the emerging middle class but because the people were hungry. Queen Marie Antoinette never said, “Let them eat cake,” when told the peasants had no bread, but that didn’t mean they had full stomachs. Earlier this week, an estimated 75,000 gathered in Mexico City to protest a 400% increase in the price of tortillas, the main source of calories for Mexico’s poor. The Mexican government is appropriately nervous.

US Personal Savings Hits 74-Year Low -- Yesterday, the US Commerce Department reported that Americans spent everything they earned last year, plus 1 percent. That negative 1% savings rate (repeat: -1%) is the lowest in 74 years. A quick arithmetical and historical calculation shows that the only time it was worse was 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, when it was negative 1.5%. Back then, though, 25% of the workforce was unemployed, and it’s natural to go through savings when there’s no income. There’s no such excuse now.

Paul Weller’s Three Decades of Music in Three Nights -- Paul Weller’s lack of fame in America is a very special gift for his fans in the States, and those who travel there to see him. It means that one can actually get a ticket to a gig where the musicians are visible without paying more than face value (if one is quick enough). For three nights in New York earlier this week, Mr. Weller gave a special set of concerts, each night themed after a different stage in his three-movement career.

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