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7 February 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 17
GOP Derails Senate Iraq-Nam Debate -- The Republican Party spent much of the last six years demanding up or down votes on judicial nominees and threatened to set limits on filibusters, a custom of the Senate whereby debate can only end with 60 votes out of 100. Monday, the GOP benefited mightily from this protection of minority rights as it prevented a debate on the president’s policy in Iraq-Nam despite “losing” a vote 49-47 to end debate. One hopes the lesson is not lost on the Republicans.

Rival Palestinian Factions to Hold Talks in Mecca -- The Palestinian people have been screwed over by both the Israeli government and their own leaders for the better part of six decades. They are now at a crossroads where things can actually get much worse. Over the past couple of weeks, 60 people in the Gaza Strip have died in fighting between Fatah and Hamas militias. A cease-fire has been in place since Saturday, but it’s a bit rickety. Both sides are due to meet in Mecca to discuss the situation. Mecca may well be the most appropriate place to meet since a miracle is needed.

American Pair Buys Liverpool FC -- Liverpool FC is one of English soccer’s super clubs. Recently, though, the excitement has happened in the boardroom more than on the pitch at Anfield. In a rather drawn out contest, American tycoons George Gillett and Tom Hicks have triumphed over Dubai International Capital (DIC), the investment arm of Dubai's government, in purchasing the team. The result will be a clean up of the balance sheet and a new stadium at Stanley Park. Not bad for a couple hundred million pounds.

Italian Hooligans Get Two Weeks of Soccer Cancelled -- Hooliganism in soccer is a global problem and has been for years. The latest offense against the beautiful game was the killing of Filippo Raciti, a 38-year-old Italian police officer, at a Catania-Palermo match. Ironically, violence at Italian soccer fields has been in decline over the last three seasons. Of course, the only acceptable level of violence is none at all. In pursuit of that goal, the Italian game will shut down for a couple of weeks, and not everyone is happy about it.

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