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12 February 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 19
Gates Calls for Closer US-Russian Cooperation -- Almost immediately after Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed American policy for “almost uncontained hyper-use of military force in international relations, force that is plunging the world into an abyss of permanent conflicts,” the US responded with something resembling brains. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, “We all face many common problems and challenges that must be addressed in partnership with other countries, including Russia. One Cold War was quite enough.” What a change from the days of Mr. Rumsfeld.

Bush Charges Iran with Arming Iraqi Insurgents -- The US government has charged that officials in the highest levels of the Iranian government are arming Iraqi insurgents. “We know more than we can show” one anonymous official said to MSNBC. Another said there is a “growing body of evidence” that Iran is behind some roadside bombs. Maybe so. However, this whole thing would be more believable if the US government hadn’t gone to war over weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. The new charges are serious, but are readily brushed off by a world that doesn’t believe anything the Bush White House says.

NASDAQ Bid for LSE Fails -- NASDAQ’s bid to purchase the London Stock Exchange formally closed at 1pm GMT on Saturday. The price set was 1,243p per share, and the response was underwhelming. Only 0.4% of LSE shareholders backed the plan. The LSE is now moving forward with talks with the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while NASDAQ pledges that it’s going to keep its 29% stake in the LSE.

New York May Ban iPods, Cell Phones for Pedestrians -- New York State Senator Carl Kruger is concerned that three of his constituents have been killed stepping into traffic while distracted by an electronic device. He told the press, “they’re tuning into their iPod or Blackberry or cell phone or video game, they’re walking into speeding buses and moving automobiles. It’s becoming a nationwide problem.” His solution is to fine such folks $100. He should get off the grandstand and fix the state’s schools, highways, and environment.

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