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19 February 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 22
GOP Risks Obstructionist Label with Iraq-Nam Actions -- The US Senate failed to pass a procedural measure on Saturday that would have allowed it to consider and vote on a non-binding resolution about Iraq-Nam similar to the one passed by the House on Friday. That resolution expresses support for the troops and just the opposite for President George “LBJ” Bush’s escalation of forces there. While the White House wanted the Senate measure shot down, in doing so the GOP is risking its 2008 electoral chances by being seen as obstructionist.

Russia to Delay Iranian Reactor Deliveries over Unpaid Bills -- The Iranians with a Bomb is an idea that has scared the bejesus out of a great many people. Anything that provides the mullahs with even a smattering of fission is a looming disaster. The Russians have been demonized in the West for helping Iran build a nuclear power plant. That problem has been temporarily removed from the board. The Iranians have too many unpaid bills for the Russians to delvier fuel as scheduled, and UN sanctions have also helped.

Storm Flattens JetBlue for a Week -- JetBlue has worked hard to carve out for itself a reputation as a new-but-not-squalid airline. It made a point of having leather seats and satellite TV in each seat. It served blue potato chips instead of stale pretzels. People actually liked flying it compared with other carriers. Since February 14, the airline has had thousands of customers stranded and hundreds of flights cancelled because of the bad weather on the eastern coast of the US. Oddly, the other airlines flying in the region are not having the same degree of difficulty. Someone’s screwed up.

West Stomps East in NBA All-Star Game -- The NBA has created a week-end of basketball-related entertainment that includes a 3-point shot competition, a dunking contest and culminating with a game among the game’s finest players. This year, the best three-point shooter in the league didn’t participate, the dunking contest was average at best, and the game was a blow-out. Despite that, and an even halftime show, this was one of the league’s better week-ends.

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