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23 February 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 24
Obama, Clinton Camps Trade Barbs -- The Clinton for President campaign threw the US political media a bone this week when it decided to pick a fight with a rival campaign. David Geffen, one seriously rich person (Dreamworks, Geffen Records), is raising funds for Senator Barrack Obama of Illinois, the Democratic anti-Hillary for now. Maureen Dowd, of the has-been New York Times, quoted Mr. Geffen, a reformed Clintonista, in a recent column that gave the Clinton campaign its first self-inflicted wound of the race.

Italian Prime Minister Resigns over Afghanistan Deployment and US Bases -- Romano Prodi, who has been Prime Minister of Italy for a whopping 10 months, resigned yesterday and may force the country into elections. The reason was a technical defeat in the Italian Senate over troop deployments to Afghanistan and the expansion of a US base in the north of Italy. The 61st Italian government since 1945 fell in a bizarre way, so bizarre that the 62nd may look just like it.

Bank of Japan Hikes Rates to 8-Year High -- Toshihiko Fukui, the governor of the Bank of Japan, wanted to raise Japanese interest rates in December and in January. In both cases, he couldn’t get enough votes from the 9-man monetary-policy board of the BoJ to do so. Earlier this week, he finally pulled it off. Japan’s benchmark rate is now 0.5%, an 8-year high. Whether this is a hopeful event largely depends on where one sits and whether one is more concerned about an economic bubble or a relapse into deflation.

Prince Harry a/k/a Troop Commander Wales Headed for Iraq-Nam -- Prince Harry, who’s third in line for the British Throne, is known to his co-workers as “Troop Commander Wales” with the official rank of Cornet. They’re all off for a six-month works outing to the Basra province of Iraq-Nam. The Ministry of Defence confirmed yesterday that the Prince would be serving in Mr. Bush’s war as part of the deployment of the Blues and Royals Regiment of the Household Cavalry. One shouldn't expect the Bush twins to enlist anytime soon, however.

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