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2 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 27
Conditions at Walter Reed Show Wounded Troops are Forgotten -- The American people did a poor job of looking after the veterans of the Vietnam War, and frankly, the same can be said of the Korean Conflict. It now looks like the same is true of the Mess in Mesopotamia. “Support The Troops,” says the bumper sticker. This journal is in favor of that change in policy.

US to Join in Iraq-Nam Talks with Syria and Iran -- The Green Zone Government has called a conference a week from tomorrow of interested parties to discuss the security situation in Iraq-Nam. Syria and Iran have signaled that they will attend. Secretary of State neoCondoleeza Rice stunned the Senate Appropriations Committee by testifying that the US would show up as well. If this meeting is a success, an April conference at the ministerial level could follow. It is the smallest of steps forward.

China Sell-Off Aggravated by Dow Jones’ Computer Systems -- World stock markets were down from Tuesday thanks to a drop on the Shanghai exchange brought on by fears of a government crackdown on illegal trades. Because of globalization and technological advances, this information spread rapidly and took down markets in Asia and Europe. By the time America opened for business, the down trend was well established. Then around 3 pm New York time, the bottom fell out of the US market. The fault was with the Dow Jones computers.

Daniel Radcliffe Praised for Equus -- Daniel Radcliffe is known the world over as Harry Potter, having played the boy wizard in four films. At 17 years of age, though, he risks being type cast, or worse, never working again, because of the role. So, he has taken something of a risk to play in a revival of Peter Shaffer’s Equus, which premiered at the Gielgud Theatre in London on Wednesday. The nude scene garnered the attention of the tabloids in recent days, but the reviews are in, and Mr. Radcliffe may well be an actor with a long and varied career ahead of him.

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