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7 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 29
Dole and Shalala to Lead Walter Reed Commission -- President Bush has made the right move in appointing former US Senator and Purple Heart recipient Bob Dole and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala to head a commission investigating the treatment of wounded US soldiers. Both are trustworthy individuals who have no interest in covering up anything. The president should also name a few mothers of wounded troops to the commission. The country let these kids down, and making it right is a litmus test for what the country stands for.

Russian Journalist Safronov Killed -- Yet another Russian journalist has offended the authorities to the point of being killed. Ivan Safronov was a former colonel in the Russian Space Troops, the branch of the Russian military responsible for military space operations. He joined Kommersant newspaper in 1997. He found himself in trouble with the FSB, successor to the KGB and the Cheka, for divulging state secrets, but managed to source everything with public records. He also reported on failed rocket tests. He obviously annoyed the wrong people one time too many.

Citi Returns to Japan with $10.8 Billion Nikko Bid -- Three years ago, Citigroup was effectively forced out of Japan’s private banking sector and its top man personally apologized to regulators, staff and customers. The cause was lax controls resulting in huge potential for fraud. How delicious that it returns with a $10.8 billion bid for Nikko Cordial, Japan’s third largest broker and a company that has admitted “systemic” accounting manipulation to the Tokyo Stock Exchanges authorities.

Robert Marsland Wins First National Vocabulary Championship -- The inaugural National Vocabulary Championship will air on the Game Show Network on April 15. Apparently, “Deal or No Deal” and “Are You As Smart as a Fifth Grader” are such lowbrow draws on prime-time top network TV that the GSN had to actually find something hard to cover. Robert Marsland of Wisconsin won the whole shebang along with $40,000 for college. That makes him this journal’s American Idol.

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