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12 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 31
FBI Violated Patriot Act in Domestic Spying -- Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine released a 126-page report on Friday that says that he Federal Bureau of Investigations violated the law in pursuing suspected terrorists and spies under the Patriot Act. While the FBI claimed most of the problems arose because of poor record-keeping and human error, the IG’s report said, “we believe the improper or illegal uses we found involve serious misuses of national security letter authorities.”

Baghdad Conference Was Successful First Step -- The one-day conference in Baghdad on Saturday among representatives of the Green Zone government in Baghdad, Iran, Syria and the US was a success. It was a success because no one stormed out, and because there is another conference scheduled next month in Istanbul, Turkey, and that conference hasn’t been canceled. Diplomacy, regrettably, doesn’t sort everything out once and for all in a single afternoon. The interested parties have a long way to go before any of their common concerns gets resolved. By the same token, they are all one step closer than they were on Friday.

Halliburton Moving HQ and CEO to Dubai -- Halliburton Co. is moving its headquarters and CEO from Texas to Dubai. For an oil services company, this is no big deal. However, Halliburton isn’t just any petroleum patch company. It used to be run by Vice President Dick Cheney, and its KBR subsidiary, specialist in engineering and military-services, has made more than a pile of money out of Iraq-Nam. The political storm here may result in fewer US government contracts for the company.

Daylight Savings Time Arrives Early -- Thanks to a new law pushed by Congressmen Edward Markey (D-MA) and Fred Upton (R-MI), the US moved its clocks forward an hour this week-end. That is three weeks earlier than usual. And it will end a week later, in November. It is alleged that this will save energy, reduce crime and decrease auto accidents. Of course, if that’s so, why move the clocks back during the darkest part of the year, when saving daylight would really be useful?

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