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14 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 32
White House Counsel Considered Firing All US Attorneys -- On December 7 of last year, 7 US attorneys were fired and another had been dismissed a few months earlier. The administration claimed it was a routine personnel matter, getting rid of poor performers. Documents the White House turned over to Congress yesterday suggest otherwise. Indeed, Harriet E. Miers (White House counsel and failed Supreme Court nominee) suggested sacking all 93 US attorneys, which would mean the Bush administration would be able to appoint its own people to the positions. The idea was shot down, not because it was wrong, but because 93 seemed like too many.

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Beaten in Police Custody -- The dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is feeling invincible. He has arrested opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and 50 other political activists who were trying to attend a prayer meeting, several of them have been beaten, yet no charges have been filed. After a brief court appearance, where the prosecutor had no instructions, Mr. Tsvangirai and six others were taken to hospital. Regime change anyone?

New Century’s Stock Suspended on NYSE -- New Century Financial Corporation provides mortgages to subprime borrowers, those with credit problems. In return, the company and others like it get higher interest payments to make up for the increased risk. Fair enough, except New Century has lost track of borrowers’ defaults, its loan portfolio wound up overstated, and a federal prosecutor and securities regulators want documents from the company as part of an investigation. Trading in its stock has been suspended on the New York Stock Exchange, and the next stop could be Chapter 11.

“The Riches” Premiers of F/X -- When cable TV first appeared, the companies behind it sold the promise of a vast anti-wasteland of quality programming around the clock. Then, the reality hit; there just wasn’t enough content. Belatedly, cable networks have begun producing quality series here and there, e.g., “The Sopranos,” “Dexter,” and “Big Love.” F/X Network, one of the Fox family of networks, has already given the viewers an edgy cop show called “The Shield.” Monday night, it premiered “The Riches,” a series that could very well give F/X a franchise to rival HBO and Showtime’s adult drama series.

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