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16 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 33
California Primary Moves to February -- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California signed a bill yesterday that moves the stateís primary election to February. So, along with 7 other states (and as many as 15 more to come), California will elect delegates to the Republican and Democratic nominating conventions on February 5, 2008. More states moving to the same Tuesday would blunt the effectiveness of Californiaís change, but by moving its primary, California may have changed the way America nominates its candidates.

Pentagon Says 9/11 Mastermind Confesses at Secret Trial -- Khalid Sheik Mohammed is not a nice man. Heís a brutal gangster and a top thug in al-Qaeda. He currently resides at Americaís detention center/prison at Guantanamo. The Pentagon just released the transcripts of a closed-door military tribunal in which the man confessed to plotting the September 11 attacks and more. Imagine how effective this would have been in the fight against terrorism and Fascislam if it had happened in open court without accusations of torture hanging over the proceedings.

Cadbury Schweppes to Split Drinks from Candy Business -- Cadbury Schweppes Plc sells Dr. Pepper soda pop and Snapple soft drinks along with Trident chewing gum and Dairy Milk chocolate bars. The company has decided to split itself with the drinks going into one business and the candy and gum going into the other. Management believes this could boost overall shareholder value by 40%. This is possible since the companyís stock has underperformed its peer group of late.

Ninth ICC Cricket World Cup Begins in West Indies -- If there is a better place to watch or play cricket than the West Indies, heaven must have a fairly good pitch. If there is a place more in need of a shot in the arm for local cricket than the West Indies, one canít think where it could be. With the opening of the Ninth International Cricket Councilís Cricket World Cup on Wednesday in Jamaica, the world gets the treat of 6 weeks of the game in the Caribbean sunshine, and the West Indies get a chance to light a fire under local authorities to re-establish the region as an international powerhouse.

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